Jun 09 2011

Everybody needs somebody to ask

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I should just be honest with you: I don’t know what other people want to eat, drink or do, and I don’t really care. But since you care, you might as well ask them, see what they say. If you don’t want to do that, then better wait for them to come to you. But in no case should you ever involve me in this.

This morning I woke up and found myself in the same strange world that once again made no sense. After writing for a few hours, my grandma came back to the house and found Theo and me getting ready to go out with some friends. ‘Has Theo eaten’? I nodded. ‘Maybe he wants a toasty’. ‘That may well be the case’. I turned to Theo: ‘Do you want a toasty’? He thought about it and then went for it. ‘I guess I could have one’. ‘I got up and started making him a toasty. ‘Maybe he wants ham in his. Ask him’, my grandma suggested. ‘Do you want ham, Theo’? ‘Yeah ok’. I put ham in Theo’s toasty. ‘What if he wants a bit of salad as well? Can’t you make a quick salad for your guy’? I looked at her, with true wonder. ‘How on earth did we communicate without you? How did we even manage in Florence? It’s clear to me now that we need you if we want this to work’. I gave Theo his toasty and salad, wondering how I had once again found myself playing this weird game of questions.

We left the house a few minutes later and went to meet our friends and our sisters in the centre of Athens. As we were all chatting and having a good time, suddenly one of my friends kinda lost it. ‘So, what is Georgia gonna do now that she’s finished Uni? What’s the plan’? I looked at him with question, and then pointed at Georgia sitting right opposite him. ‘Your guess is as good as mine. Why don’t you ask her’? He smiled condescendingly. ‘Is she hoping to get a job here? Does she know how difficult the situation is in Greece’? ‘I’m sure she does, but I might be wrong. I wouldn’t want to give you incorrect information, so better take it up with her’. He shook his head. ‘You should tell her to be careful; it’s a strange world out there’. I laughed. ‘Tell me about it’… ‘Has she sent CVs around to different production companies’? I shook my head in despair. ‘You need to tell her to do that soon, she can’t waste time’.

I left everyone and went to meet another friend at an art gallery. We looked around for a bit, congratulated the artist, and then stood in the corner, having a drink, catching up on what’s been happening. ‘How are things with you and Theo then’? I nodded, while drinking my orange juice. ‘Yeah, everything’s going ok’. ‘I can’t believe he left his studies for you… You shouldn’t have let him do that’. I laughed, having heard the same thing a million times. ‘Was it up to me to make that decision’? She insisted: ‘What about his friends? His family? His house? Doesn’t he care about all that’? I looked out the window, checking whether it was high enough to jump. I decided I would probably survive and stay in a bed for the rest of my life, hearing all this again and again, so it probably wouldn’t be worth it. I chose life, even if it was this one. ‘Doesn’t he know how important a degree is, in this day and age’?

This reminded me of a time I was out for lunch with my parents a year ago, and we met a friend of theirs. She approached our table, smiled at me, and turned to face my dad. ‘How pretty! Gorgeous. What’s her name’? My dad got a bit confused but in the end figured out what she meant. ‘Angeliki. Thank you very much’. What does she do? Does she work? Study? Beautiful girl’. My dad nodded, thanking her and tried to answer, but she was on a roll: ‘Great, flawless skin. What does she want to do when she grows up’? My dad hesitated. ‘She’s a writer already actually’. ‘Ah, good, that’s nice. She’s quite thin though, why, doesn’t she eat much’? At that point I finally decided to intervene. ‘I know that one, can I answer it’? She smiled nicely. ‘I eat quite a bit, but I exercise too, so I don’t put on weight’. She thought about it for a few seconds and then her eyes dropped, heavily disappointed. She obviously didn’t want to hear it straight from me and I had spoiled it for her by giving away the answers.

So, I just have to ask: Why don’t you ask directly who you want to ask? Why do you feel like involving a third person into something that could be a perfectly simple and easy dialogue between two people? Not only you would get your answers faster, but you would also provide yourself with more accurate results, so perhaps it’s worth a thought. Also, people usually have mouths and voices and are perfectly capable of answering themselves questions that concern them, so go ahead and give them the chance to do that. And because I can see that you are keen on putting pressure on us regarding things that don’t concern us, let me tell you something: What he’s going to eat, she’s going to study, where he’s going to work or how she’s going to spend her evening, not only is none of our business right this moment, but we would also like to keep it that way for the future as well.

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2 Responses to “Everybody needs somebody to ask”

  1. koubaraon 10 Jun 2011 at 12:15 pm

    xaxaxaa…sto xw pei “mind your own business” ksexases na anafereis kai tin Iliana apo to gamo.

  2. Angeliki Coconion 10 Jun 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Nai!! To ksexasa…. Tha kano allo mono gi’autin omos, to aksizei!!

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