Jan 17 2012

Morning Glory

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Am I the only one who thinks that it is too early in the morning for some things?…

A few days ago, I decided to attend a dance class that was scheduled for 8.30 in the morning. I woke up just after 8, got dressed quickly, and rushed to the school as fast as I could. Not having had anything for breakfast and being almost half asleep still, I just stood in a corner, as everyone slowly gathered and cheerfully exchanged hellos. As we began warming up, the woman in front of me gradually caught my attention. Bleached hair, loads of jewellery hanging from every part of her body, covered in thick make-up, she started touching herself in strange places, repeating every now and again “bellissimo”, in a deep, sexy voice. I turned and looked at the others, unsure of what was happening. Of course nobody was even looking, nobody thought that this was strange, and once again I was alone in this.

After finishing a somewhat overly contemporary dance class, I went to the changing rooms to get my stuff. As I was putting my jacket on, I noticed that next to me stood the “bellissimo” woman, only without her bleached hair, without her jewellery, and without any clothes. I repeatedly nodded to myself, seeing that she was actually a man. “Bellissimo”, I whispered, and waved goodbye to her/him, as I moved towards the door. He waved back, while removing his makeup with a wet tissue. “Have a fascinating day!” he exclaimed enthusiastically. “Well, I’ll try. But you’ve set the bar really high”, I thought, as I was leaving the room.

A couple of days later, being assigned to write a feature article on the movie Hannibal, which was for its most part filmed in Florence, I started researching and getting down some rough notes. After a few hours of research, I came across a newspaper abstract, which said: “The trial for theFlorencemonster, began at 8am, and many famous people, celebrities and scholars, attended it. Among them was Thomas Harris, the writer of Silence of the Lambs, who was so fascinated by the monster’s trial that he decided to base his next book, Hannibal, on this mysterious criminal, and set it in the beautiful but antagonistic Florence”.

I sat back and thought about it for a while. A feature article about a Satanist serial killer’s early morning trial, which is attended by various intellectuals and celebrities, inspiring them in an unorthodox way, seemed to me, ultimately, as a much more interesting piece of writing, than any extensive film review. However, I had to stick to the plan, so I kept on writing. “The cinematographer gathered stock footage from pigeons flying around the empty central square, before the place was filled with people, around 6am. This stock footage he combined later in such a way, that the pigeons formed Antony Hopkin’s –aka Hannibal’s– face. And this was how the film’s opening credits were created”.

“Bellissimo”, I thought to myself.

This morning I woke up very early in the morning, and much to my dismay, I found it was raining heavily outside. “It’s pouring”, I whispered to Theo who was lying next to me, before I closed my eyes again. His best friend, who had stayed over the previous night, sighed, disappointed. “It’s alright man, we can go and look at some children some other day”. All at once my eyes were wide open. I turned to look at Theo. “What is he talking about”? He looked the other way, slightly embarrassed, but his best friend filled me in. “Apparently when you go to your dance school in the morning, Theo goes to the park and looks at the children”.

I was officially up and out of bed. “You go to the park and look at children Theo? That’s what you do when I’m out”? He hesitated, not knowing how to defend himself. “I just like to watch them play”… “My class is at 8.30 Theo! 8.30 in the morning you go and look at children”? After an uncomfortable pause, his friend jumped in to lighten up the mood. “She’s right man… That is kind of messed up to be honest with you… Next time you feel like doing something crazy in the morning, better go to the park first. Look at some children, clear your head”.

I used to think that frying fish, getting a tattoo or discussing politics were obscure things to do very early in the morning. However, life has proven me wrong once again. While I am enjoying a Rocky Horror Picture Show dance class in the morning, my boyfriend takes pleasure in looking at children in the park. And while some scholars hang out in assassins’ trial, some cinematographers enjoy nothing more than to film empty squares filled with pigeons at 6am, which of course they shape later into Antony Hopkins’ face.

Bellissimo, and not at all creepy.

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  1. Douglason 07 Feb 2012 at 9:56 am

    He must be feeling broody 🙂

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