Oct 05 2010

Boring romance

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Ok here’s the thing: I’ve had enough of boring loves stories. Boring people getting together in boring ways, staying together for the sake of having boring kids and tell them the boring story of how they met in order for them to fall asleep in no time… Can’t do it anymore.

I actually suggest that if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend got together in a really plain and boring way, either you break up now, or make up an imaginary story that will make everyone around you see the point in you two being together. And from now on, use that new story of yours when someone asks you how you guys met.

This morning I logged onto Facebook to talk to my sister. A really dull guy there had written on his status: ‘We are back together again!’ Meaning, with his equally dull wife. Now, the obvious question is why? There was never anything there! You were both boring, and almost dead. There was no passion, no spark, no nothing. To be honest with you, you didn’t even look like a couple. You looked like two people that just happened to bump into each other and weren’t even that happy about it. So why go back to that? You think it was that big of a success? By the way, the boring wife liked it, underneath.

I overheard a Japanese couple talking to a friend of theirs in the afternoon. When the friend asked them how they met, they gave her this as an answer: ‘I was working at a coffee place. He came to order coffee once and said he would like to buy me something to drink as well, to join him, so we sat at a table and chatted for a while and got together’. Ah… Romeo and Juliet, all over again. The friend however was very happy with the way things turned out: ‘Aw, that’s so nice’, she said, not just to be polite I think. But because that’s how low the bar is now…

I spoke to a friend from Athens on the phone later on and she told me she got together with a guy we both know. When I asked her how come that happened since they have nothing in common, she gave me a plain ‘there was no one else I liked, so I thought why not’. Why not? I can tell you why not. Because that shouldn’t be enough. Boredom and lack of interest in someone else shouldn’t do the job.

When at night I talked to another friend from Scotland on the phone and I asked him how the date with the girl he likes was, he said it was great: ‘We played golf. And I won. But she said next time, we have to have some tea as well at the golf bar there, she really liked the place. This time I had to rush off’. ‘Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be’, etc etc, I thought…

This day reminded me of when I went to Cuba with my sister and a German couple was there with us. They were young, good looking, on the most perfect beach on earth, without people around, and they were reading their books while sunbathing all day long! They hardly exchanged a few words that whole holiday, and their purpose in life was to just turn brown basically.

It also reminded me of another couple I know in Greece, where the girl slept with the boyfriend’s best friend, and nobody, including the people that did it, even noticed. Nobody got angry, no one was hurt, they just carried on as normal. And the question stays with me to this day: Why were these people together? And why did they even bother cheating if that wouldn’t even be enough to put them out of their misery?

Is it me, or am I being too strict with these boring love stories? Isn’t it true that if not for any other reason, we need them because they make single life much more appealing to everyone? Isn’t it true that the more boring couples feel the love on Facebook through status updates and ‘likes’, or get together because they don’t see a reason not to, or play golf and then have tea when things get really wild, the more we want to be single?

I actually think that boring romance is the way governments have come up with in order to prevent us from multiplying and adjust to the new financial reality after a long difficult crisis.

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    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and waetnd to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon..

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