Nov 15 2010

These are three portions of pasta I’ll never get back…

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Isn’t it funny how everyone’s idea of time wasted is different? You think you’re wasting time by doing this, I think all this time we’re talking, I could be doing that. Who’s right? I think I am. Together with my sister.

This morning I went out to the shops, looking for a big red frame to put my Che Guevara canvas in. When I found a little shop I liked, I went in and started browsing. The owner of the shop was talking to a woman in her running clothes and shoes, near where I was standing. While he was explaining to her where exactly that place she was looking for was, the woman kept on jogging on the spot. As he was giving more and more details, her frustration started to show, and at some point she couldn’t help but complain ‘I could have ran to Campo Marte and back all this time it took you to explain it to me. I could have gone up and down a 100 sets of steps. I could have swam across the river and back’! And while shaking her head, she ran out of the shop.

Having made an important realisation, which is that I’d rather have that owner talk to me for hours about the most uninteresting things, as long as I never have to run to Campo Marte and back, I could see that what everyone thinks as making the most of time passing, can be very different.

I sat at an ice-cream place to get the daily three scoops recommended by my doctor, when the man sitting next to me, put me off my ice-cream, and that is the first time that happens. He was all suited up, outside and inside, and was talking on his phone: ‘Tell them I had enough of this. Every question, every complain is costing me money. Every passing minute is 0.2 dollars I’m losing with their hesitations and all their stalling. You know what that means? That means that this week their laziness has cost me 2016 dollars! I’m losing money, people!’, he yelled, and suddenly I felt like running to Campo Marte and getting him that money back, just to calm him down.

I went to a concert in the evening and as I was waiting for the band to start playing, my sister called me to catch up. As I was updating her on my life, she at some point started getting a bit restless: ‘Sorry Georgia, I know you’re paying a lot for this, I’m gonna go soon’, I said to her and got ready to wrap it up. ‘No, it’s not the money, it’s the pastas. I’ve been thinking about this, and you know how many bowls of spaghetti I could be having if I stopped talking to you so much on the phone? Time is pasta, and I need my pasta!’, she said and left me speechless. A person who counts time not with minutes or years, but with bowls of pasta? Genius.

It reminded me of when once I was talking to my best friend on the phone, and suddenly she said she had to go but that she would call me right back in two minutes. We hung up, I ordered a cheesecake and ate it, before she called again. When she did, I complained how she had taken longer that two minutes, but she said it was exactly two minutes and not a second more. At that point I discovered that two minutes equals a cheesecake, at least for me. An hour is thirty cheesecakes, and so on. Yes, my sister and I come from the same family.

‘It’s a two-cigarette-long drive’, ‘I could have had five beers while waiting for you’, ‘I would have brought and finished my book if I knew you’d be this long’, ‘I could be looking at naked pictures of Monica Bellucci right now, instead I’m here, trying to figure this out with you, get a move on’! Yes, the last one is mine…

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  1. Georgiaon 23 Nov 2010 at 12:33 am

    I know a woman (I’ll reveal no names though) who measures time in Friends episodes… ‘That scarf? I could knit it for you during one Friends’ is the line that’s bound to make her famous one day…

  2. Elenion 24 Nov 2010 at 7:25 pm


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