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Jul 22 2011

Love in the time of Cholera

I know I’ve left you for a while without a blog post, but someone needs to write those dark and politically incorrect scripts out there, and since none of you is willing to do it, I was left with the dirty work. I’m back, however, and here’s what has bothered me lately.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but not telling me you love me and not reminding me I’m beautiful, doesn’t really make me less attractive or lovable, it just makes you more of an idiot. Isn’t this right?

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May 30 2011

The curious case of Benjamin Button

I’ve got news for you: Even if you ever managed to get that sexy girl on the cover of the magazine, you would still in time turn her into a boring and mother-like figure that looks after you, so better just leave her on that magazine, where she looks better and is definitely having more fun.

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May 26 2011

Brokeback Mountain

What does it say about you, when your boyfriends like each other’s company more than your own?

And so we’re back in Athens, this time with Theo, this being the first time since my first long-term relationship, that a boyfriend of mine is entering the house, my group of friends, my Greek life. And more than anything, this being the first time that my current boyfriend meets my main ex and spends time with him. ‘Ouch’, you’re thinking. Awkward? Well, think again.

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Apr 22 2011

Jealousy will drive you… Mad!

You’ve got it all mixed up. Jealousy is not when they’re right. Jealousy is when they’re wrong.

Today I found myself in between a group of morons. Having met up with some friends at a trattoria for lunch, we had some drinks and chatted about what’s been happening lately in everybody’s life. At some point, something one of the guys said triggered a long and highly frustrating discussion on jealousy: ‘I think I’m gonna break up with Clara. Things have been really bad between us, and to be honest I don’t see a way out of this’… I looked at the others around me, trying to copy their reactions, since I didn’t have one of my own. The majority went for something that sounded like ‘aw… That’s too bad… I’m so sorry’, so I thought I’d join. ‘What happened?’, I dared to ask. He took a while trying to decide whether he should be honest or not. ‘Jealousy’. I nodded, sympathetically: ‘The worst’, I said, feeling for him.

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Feb 11 2011

If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him.

Poor God… Let’s cut him some slack, shall we?

Today I had decided I would spend the day writing, which of course didn’t happen. I was woken up by a phone call and a friend crying from the other side: ‘He left me… He said he couldn’t do this anymore’… I sat up on my bed, trying to find the best thing to say in a situation as heavy as that. ‘I’m really sorry to hear that… Do you want to tell me what happened? Or do you want to take some time to just cry, before we talk about it’? She cleared her voice, tried to calm down, and gave it try: ‘No, it’s ok… What happened is that the other day, out of nowhere I went crazy and lost it, and made this huge scene and told him that I don’t want him anymore’. I found myself really confused. ‘So… Why did you do that?’, I asked. ‘No reason. I was having a bad day, didn’t have anything to do with him. But now he’s gone… And even though I’m very upset, I have to remember that this is how God wanted it, and that this relationship was probably just not meant to be’…

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Dec 24 2010

‘Jealousy is all the fun you think they had’

So what’s jealousy? Who’s jealous and who’s not? Am I jealous? And is it a bad thing being jealous? I guess it depends on what other adjectives you have to choose from, when it comes to describing yourself.

This morning I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone when she said something that really caught my attention: ‘I just hate it when another woman cooks for him and he likes it, you know? I get really jealous’… I had to interfere. ‘But he’s going out with good-looking girls all the time! He’s going dancing with them, they even go on holidays, and that doesn’t bother you’? ‘Well, it’s not my favourite thing, but I’m fine with it as long as when he comes back he says he didn’t enjoy the food wherever he was, and was really looking forward to coming back for my stew’. Hoping for a dirty joke in there, I desperately looked for one. I found nothing.

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Dec 18 2010

Where to cheat in Florence

Today I made a list with the places where my boyfriend can cheat on me, and I will never find out.

This morning I went out for a walk and ended up sitting at a square, watching the people go by, listening to my music. At some point a bell rang, and it apparently set a sea of monsters free, and hundreds of kids in matching uniforms came running out of their school, jumping around like crazy, screaming, and letting it all out. After ten minutes of hell, a woman came and gathered them back into the building. I tried to imagine the chaos in that little school, where twenty kids didn’t seem to fit, let alone hundreds. I realised that entering that place would perhaps be my worst nightmare. I also realised that this could be the perfect place for my boyfriend to have an affair and be sure that I would never discover.

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Oct 12 2010

Could he have anyone he wanted? Could he?

Ok girls, I understand that to still be with your guy it means you like him, but come on… Are you for real? Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Am I looking at him from the wrong angle perhaps? Am I missing something?…

This morning a friend of mine who has a really, really ugly boyfriend called me to tell me she thinks her boyfriend’s having an affair. My first reaction was to fall on the floor laughing, and when I realised that this was upsetting her, I tried to stop, but just couldn’t. His face was there, in my mind, and him having an affair, it was just too funny! At some point I thought I’d burst out again, so quickly said to her there was someone at the door and I’d call her later to carry on with the conversation.

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Oct 05 2010

Boring romance

Ok here’s the thing: I’ve had enough of boring loves stories. Boring people getting together in boring ways, staying together for the sake of having boring kids and tell them the boring story of how they met in order for them to fall asleep in no time… Can’t do it anymore.

I actually suggest that if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend got together in a really plain and boring way, either you break up now, or make up an imaginary story that will make everyone around you see the point in you two being together. And from now on, use that new story of yours when someone asks you how you guys met.

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