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Sep 15 2011

Love is a Crime

There has always been a specific issue troubling every woman and every man out there and that is the question of when one knows for sure that he/she has met the one. I get all my girlfriends asking me “do you think he’s the man I should spend the rest of my life with?”, or “how can you tell when a person is right for you? How do you know for sure”? I also get the same from all my guys friends: “How do I know that I didn’t just walk past the woman of my dreams this morning on my way to work?”, or the classic “does such a thing as a soulmate even exist”?

Well, I’ve thought about it long and hard, I’ve researched the issue and I finally have an answer. Such a thing as a soulmate exists and there is a very good way to tell who it is that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.

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Feb 10 2011

Match face to quote

I realised today that one of the things that scare me the most in this life, is when people say stuff while keeping a face that really doesn’t correspond the things said. Opposite to what you might think, the Swedes are not the only people to do this. They are, however, quite advanced in the area.

This morning I went to pick up a friend from the airport, and since when I entered the Arrivals area the screen said that his flight was delayed, I went to the airline’s information desk to ask how late my friend would be. ‘The flight from Edinburgh, do you know what time it’s scheduled to arrive?’, I asked. The British girl working there, put on a very beautiful and polite smile and shook her head: ‘No’. I looked at her surprised, while I was trying to figure out how I would go about finding out, if not trough the information desk. ‘Do you at least know if it’s left Edinburgh’? She smiled nicely: ‘No’. I started getting annoyed. ‘Well, could you look it up in your system?’, I said while showing her the computer, trying to remind her what it was there for. She gave me a big smile and nodded. After going through her database, she turned and looked at me, all happy: ‘It’s not going to get here before ten o’clock at night. It looks like you’re going to spend all your day here, waiting for your friend’.

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Feb 08 2011

Grab that cash with both hands

Today, my best friend gave me the answer to the question why you continue to put up with all these losers: Money. Please tell me it’s not true…

This morning I was writing at my usual cafe, when a really unattractive, sleazy man walked in, sat at the table next to me, and ordered his coffee. He looked at me and winked, smiled and then offered to buy me a drink. I shook my head quickly, trying not to be associated with that guy, and to show everyone I didn’t know him, when a very beautiful woman walked in and approached him. As I had stopped writing and was now staring at this classy, amazingly beautiful woman, trying to figure out how and why she was connected to that man, suddenly she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him. All of a sudden I felt like jumping up to stop her, but I tried hard to control myself. I just sat there, trying to find something even remotely attractive about his face in order to explain the situation. After having this gorgeous girl kissing him for a while, I decided that he had probably been there at a difficult time for her. Perhaps when her father was dying? Something like that…

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Dec 24 2010

‘Jealousy is all the fun you think they had’

So what’s jealousy? Who’s jealous and who’s not? Am I jealous? And is it a bad thing being jealous? I guess it depends on what other adjectives you have to choose from, when it comes to describing yourself.

This morning I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone when she said something that really caught my attention: ‘I just hate it when another woman cooks for him and he likes it, you know? I get really jealous’… I had to interfere. ‘But he’s going out with good-looking girls all the time! He’s going dancing with them, they even go on holidays, and that doesn’t bother you’? ‘Well, it’s not my favourite thing, but I’m fine with it as long as when he comes back he says he didn’t enjoy the food wherever he was, and was really looking forward to coming back for my stew’. Hoping for a dirty joke in there, I desperately looked for one. I found nothing.

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