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Jan 17 2012

Morning Glory

Am I the only one who thinks that it is too early in the morning for some things?…

A few days ago, I decided to attend a dance class that was scheduled for 8.30 in the morning. I woke up just after 8, got dressed quickly, and rushed to the school as fast as I could. Not having had anything for breakfast and being almost half asleep still, I just stood in a corner, as everyone slowly gathered and cheerfully exchanged hellos. As we began warming up, the woman in front of me gradually caught my attention. Bleached hair, loads of jewellery hanging from every part of her body, covered in thick make-up, she started touching herself in strange places, repeating every now and again “bellissimo”, in a deep, sexy voice. I turned and looked at the others, unsure of what was happening. Of course nobody was even looking, nobody thought that this was strange, and once again I was alone in this.

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Jun 14 2011

Faith no more

If a person has reached a certain age (anything older than five), then you should be able to trust that some things can go without saying. Right?

A few weeks now in Athens, a few weeks around the family, and we’re back to square one. ‘I’ll quickly park the car here and pop out to get a coffee’, my aunt said this morning, as she pulled over. Being really warm in the car, I asked her whether it would be ok if I got off for a while to get some fresh air. ‘I’ll go and sit under that tree in the shade until you come back; it’s way too hot in here’. She looked at me puzzled. ‘Yeah, fine, but you need to close the door behind you when you do’. I thought about it for a few seconds, trying to find the secret meaning of that phrase, but there wasn’t one. ‘Yes of course I will, it goes without saying’. She shook her head, a bit unsure. ‘I don’t know’… ‘What don’t you know? That I can think as far as closing the door and locking it behind me, when I leave the car’? She got off and walked away: ‘I’ve seen a lot in my life, I don’t know what to expect anymore’…

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Jun 09 2011

Everybody needs somebody to ask

I should just be honest with you: I don’t know what other people want to eat, drink or do, and I don’t really care. But since you care, you might as well ask them, see what they say. If you don’t want to do that, then better wait for them to come to you. But in no case should you ever involve me in this.

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May 23 2011

The show must go on

If you have already decided on what you’re doing, then why are you asking me?

When I woke up this morning, I got a phone call from a friend I was supposed to meet in Athens later next week. ‘Hey, when are you coming’? Having discussed this a million times, I kinda thought we had established it, but obviously not quite. ‘Next week, didn’t we say? Next Saturday I’ll be there’. He paused, trying to see how he would say this. ‘Oh… Ok’… ‘Why? Is there a problem’? ‘No, not at all… It’s just that my friends suggested going away for a few days… To an island or something’. I immediately knew where this was going. ‘Ok then, do you want to go, and see each other when you come back’? He rushed to save it. ‘No, no way. I would only go if you were coming later, and I could combine both. I would much rather spend time with you’… Since he sounded the opposite of convincing, I had to double-check. ‘Are you sure? Because I wouldn’t have a problem with seeing my family first and then getting together to do something just a few days later’. He thought about it for a few seconds. ‘Ok! Sounds cool. I’ll see you in two weeks then’! ‘So when are you leaving?’, I asked. ‘Tonight! I’ve already packed my things, the guys are coming to pick me up any minute now, so I have to go, bye’!

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May 16 2011

I know what you did last summer

If you know, then why am I telling you?

This morning I was talking to Theo about something that was obviously not interesting enough for him. Fair enough, it wasn’t even very interesting to me, but I kept trying to maintain a conversation, so that we wouldn’t sit in absolute silence. But as his eyes slowly got lost looking at something else, I stopped talking for a few seconds, wanting to check whether he was at least hearing me. Turns out he wasn’t. ‘Ground control to Major Tom’? He nodded, having shut me out completely. ‘I know, I know’… ‘Do you?’, I insisted. He gave me a few more nods: ‘Yeah, I couldn’t agree more’. Being bothered by it, I asked him to tell me what I had said that he so much agreed on. ‘I heard you! I was listening’. ‘So then you can tell me. What was I saying’? He paused, trying to take himself back, to the most recent memory of me talking. ‘You said that you got annoyed by that comment that your friend made under your picture on Facebook’? I smiled, realising how bigger than I actually thought the problem really was. ‘I said that half an hour ago, Theo’. He looked around him, looking for the fire exit. ‘Oh… Didn’t you repeat it though, again, a bit later? I’m sure you did’…

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May 13 2011

Action speaks louder than words. But not nearly as often.

Speak up people. Say what you want.

Today I put my Converse on and went for a long walk outside Florence. But after a couple of hours of walking and listening to music in my mp3 player, something happened to one of my headphones and so I slowed down to take a look. Seeing that the light had just turned green in front of me, I crossed the street, while keeping my eyes on the mp3 player and trying to figure out what had gone wrong.

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Apr 29 2011

Downgrade U

Is it me, or does a person automatically lose status the minute he/she is seen hanging out with losers? 

This morning I checked my e-mails and logged onto facebook to send a couple of messages, when something caught my attention on my home-page: A girl who has been a really good friend for years and who I’ve always thought as very interesting, different and cool, had just uploaded pictures from her latest holiday in Greece. Excited, I opened the album to quickly look through them, and I was immediately left speechless: Most of them taken in a bar, she was sitting every time next to different people, everyone looking like more of a weirdo than the one in the previous picture. After a few sleazy looking guys and a couple of extremely trashy looking girls, I finally came across a photo of just my friend, all by herself. And even though she looked great, something wasn’t quite right. Until it hit me: All the losers that had been sitting beside her in the previous photos had made her look like a bit of an idiot in my eyes. And there was no going back, no matter how much I tried.

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Mar 28 2011

Enough about you

I’m sure there must be a way of turning this in order to concern me. It can’t possibly be just about you, cause then, what am I doing here?…

Today Theo said something that made his girlfriend think. He called me up and said: ‘I met a great woman on the train this morning’. I didn’t like the sound of that. ‘Should I be jealous? Tell me now, I hate surprises’. He laughed. ‘No, but listen. I met the first person ever to not ask a question hoping that she’ll get to answer it eventually. The one person out there perhaps, that doesn’t just bring something up wanting to soon turn it to something concerning her. The one woman that’s asking because she actually cares. Or because she’s just curious. But not because she wants to talk about her stories, as soon as you’ve finished. She’d ask me things and then she’d listen. Without coming back with something like ‘funny you should say that, because the same thing happened to me a year ago, when I was…. Blah blah blah. None of that. She was actually interested’. Clearly jealous, I had to however admit defeat. ‘The lady is a champ’, I said and quickly changed the subject.

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Mar 02 2011

Not a hacker, not yet a spy

‘How did you get in’? ‘Um… The door was open’…?

This morning I was woken up by a phone call. A friend in hysteria was crying and shouting from the other side: ‘He left! I don’t know where he went! He just walked out last night and hasn’t come back since’… I realised how important that was, so I tried to get it together and offer her any help I could. ‘What happened? Tell me exactly how this happened and we’ll fix it, don’t worry’. She tried to calm herself down. ‘He found pictures… And e-mails’… I was shocked. All I managed was ‘of you’?… She sighed. ‘Yes. Of me and another guy… An ex. Who I’ve kept in touch with’… I didn’t know what to say. I stayed silent for a while. ‘How did he find all this’? She exhaled. ‘Well, on my Facebook profile. And on my computer… Phone’… ‘You mean you had things that could jeopardise your relationship on your phone, computer, Facebook profile? You didn’t bother deleting the messages? You kept the pictures’? Her answer I think will stay with me forever. ‘It’s not my fault’, she said, destroyed. ‘I was tagged by my cousin’…

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Feb 24 2011


There is the crew behind the stage, the board behind the president, the woman behind the man. And there is also the person behind the one speaking on the phone.

This morning my mom called, asking me to help her with a translation she needed. When we finished it, we started talking about the family and how everyone was doing: ‘Angeliki, I did something stupid… I kinda made a comment publicly on Facebook about someone, and I think I gave something away that I shouldn’t have’, she said, a bit worried. Before I even got the chance to reassure her that it was going to be ok, a voice was heard from somewhere in her background: ‘There are the devil’s tools! That’s what they are’… I paused for a bit, and then asked. ‘Mom, is everything ok? Who’s that’? The voice kept going: ‘Houses have been destroyed… Whole families have been torn apart… All because of that Facebook’… I realised then that the voice belonged to her boyfriend, Giannis. ‘Mom, is Giannis ok’? She turned to shush him, not being able to hear me: ‘Can you be quiet? I’m trying to talk on the phone here’… He couldn’t be. ‘Computers… What did we need them? Internet… Weren’t we fine before it came along’?…

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