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Dec 16 2011

Of Our Elaborate Plans, The End.

I realised today that a love story is not officially over until it’s over. And when do you know for sure that it is over? When you are included in a mass email.

This morning I woke up, made my breakfast, and sat in front of my computer to write. Being in a romantic mood, I thought perhaps I’d write about freedom, beauty, truth and love, but once again the cynical world out there made a noticeable appearance through my e-mails. Seeing the name of a strong past love as the sender in one of them, I all at once felt warm, and opened it with a loving smile, only for that smile to suddenly freeze on my face when I started reading it. Looking more like Joker than Angeliki, I quickly realised that it was a mass e-mail, sent to everyone the guy knew, which said the following: ‘Good morning all, I hope you’re having a good day, and an even nicer winter so far! The spring is now almost here and the summer will soon follow’. ‘Thanks for the insight’, I whispered to myself, seeing the million different reasons for which that man was an ex. ‘I hope to see you all guys soon and we get the chance to catch up. Have a great day’. Having completely destroyed any possibility of me having a good day, I left the flat and went to meet a friend in order to complain.

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Jan 05 2011

Die young, or live trying

How long do we want people to go on living for? As long as possible, the longer the better. How long do we want the rockstar to live for? What? He’s still around? Kill him now!

Why is it that even though we are happy when people reach old age, when the rockstar gets there, he is not a rockstar anymore, but rather a joke? Isn’t this a bit of a double standard?

This morning I was having breakfast with a friend, when she said it: ‘You’re a writer, you can afford to be a loner like you are. You can afford to eat the stuff you eat and stay in at night and get your eight hours sleep. That’s the writer lifestyle. But I’m supposed to be a musician. And not a classical one, as you well know. A classical one could easily get away with living a normal life. But I’m selling rock ‘n’ roll! I have to be out partying all night, I have to be seen drunk, I have to give the impression I do drugs… If not, do them. For me, things are difficult’. I looked at her, thinking about this view. ‘Or you can be one of the very few rock ‘n’ roll performers, who just don’t go down that road. And value their lives’. She shook her head, appalled by the idea. ‘Nobody would think Kurt Cobain was that great, if he hadn’t done it all and died so young’. ‘I still don’t think he was that great’, I said, while putting an end to this crazy conversation.

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