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Oct 21 2011

Deadly Disease

“There’s only one fatal disease, I’ve concluded.  It’s called hypochondria. And it is deadly”. Keith Richards

I was writing in my flat the other day, enjoying the beautiful warm sun shining through my big windows, listening to Neil Diamond, finally seeing a potential good day ahead of me, when the phone rang. “Hey grandma, how are you”? She exhaled. “Angeliki, be honest with me… Are you drinking enough pomegranate juice”? I held back from sharing all my thoughts with her. “No, grandma. I really am not”. It turned out I should have lied. “Angeliki, listen to me. This is not a joke. This is not something to write on your blog about. This is your health, this is your body. Do you know what I heard? I found out that pomegranate juice saves you from breast cancer, prostate cancer –“. “I think I’m safe in that area grandma”… “It protects the bones, the teeth, the heart. Do you know that if you drink two glasses of pomegranate juice a day you have 50% less chances of having a heart attack”? “Grandma, why would I ever have a heart attack? I’m 29 years old, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t drink coffee –” She immediately went crazy. “Yes Angeliki, but you don’t drink pomegranate juice either”! I sighed. “No, that’s true. I don’t”. “And I can’t help but worry”… I left her for a few seconds to calm down. “In any case, I went to the supermarket today and bought a few kilos of them. You see, I haven’t given up on myself completely”. “Ok, grandma”… “I don’t like playing around with my health, you see”…

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Sep 15 2011

Love is a Crime

There has always been a specific issue troubling every woman and every man out there and that is the question of when one knows for sure that he/she has met the one. I get all my girlfriends asking me “do you think he’s the man I should spend the rest of my life with?”, or “how can you tell when a person is right for you? How do you know for sure”? I also get the same from all my guys friends: “How do I know that I didn’t just walk past the woman of my dreams this morning on my way to work?”, or the classic “does such a thing as a soulmate even exist”?

Well, I’ve thought about it long and hard, I’ve researched the issue and I finally have an answer. Such a thing as a soulmate exists and there is a very good way to tell who it is that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.

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Aug 28 2011

Trivial Pursuit

Some people can draw. Others can sing. And then there’re those others that can come up with questions even in the most hopeless, obvious and non-requiring-questions situations. Those people will never be left without a job.

Last week, Theo, Georgia and I left Corfu, where we had spent a few days, to come down to Athens. On the bus for three hours at the time, and with six more hours to go, my aunt called to check up on me. “How is everything, have you left Corfu”? “Yes, we are on our way down, we have six hours left, so I should be in Athens around 11pm”. “That’s good, so we’ll talk tomorrow, after you’ve settled in the flat and everything”. I promised her I’d call to check in the next day and hung up.

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May 30 2011

The curious case of Benjamin Button

I’ve got news for you: Even if you ever managed to get that sexy girl on the cover of the magazine, you would still in time turn her into a boring and mother-like figure that looks after you, so better just leave her on that magazine, where she looks better and is definitely having more fun.

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May 16 2011

I know what you did last summer

If you know, then why am I telling you?

This morning I was talking to Theo about something that was obviously not interesting enough for him. Fair enough, it wasn’t even very interesting to me, but I kept trying to maintain a conversation, so that we wouldn’t sit in absolute silence. But as his eyes slowly got lost looking at something else, I stopped talking for a few seconds, wanting to check whether he was at least hearing me. Turns out he wasn’t. ‘Ground control to Major Tom’? He nodded, having shut me out completely. ‘I know, I know’… ‘Do you?’, I insisted. He gave me a few more nods: ‘Yeah, I couldn’t agree more’. Being bothered by it, I asked him to tell me what I had said that he so much agreed on. ‘I heard you! I was listening’. ‘So then you can tell me. What was I saying’? He paused, trying to take himself back, to the most recent memory of me talking. ‘You said that you got annoyed by that comment that your friend made under your picture on Facebook’? I smiled, realising how bigger than I actually thought the problem really was. ‘I said that half an hour ago, Theo’. He looked around him, looking for the fire exit. ‘Oh… Didn’t you repeat it though, again, a bit later? I’m sure you did’…

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Apr 20 2011

Side by side — Year by year

I hate to be a mood spoiler once again, but I don’t think you should be celebrating your two-year anniversary today. Mainly because you have barely spent ten minutes with each other these past two years…

Today I got an e-mail from a friend, inviting me to a party this Saturday, for her and her boyfriend’s one year anniversary. It made me think of how fast time was passing, since it seemed to me like yesterday when she had called to tell me they were going out on their first date. Happy for her, but also feeling a bit bad that I had actually never met the guy before, I sent her back a reply, where I was reminding her that: ‘Has it been a year already? Wow… Time flies I guess. You know, I haven’t even met your boyfriend! I’m going to see him for the first time this Saturday… But I’ll be there, thanks for inviting me’. She sent me another e-mail a couple of minutes later. ‘Haha, I know, but don’t worry, I haven’t seen him much more than you, to be honest. He was in India for nine months, and he just got back last week. We dated for a couple of months and then he left. But we kept in touch through e-mails all this time. You know how difficult communication can be when one’s in another country, but we made sure we contacted each other at least once a month’.

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Apr 19 2011

Is this your best shot?

To annoy me, make me angry and drive me completely crazy, is easy. It’s perhaps the easiest thing out there. But to make my sister lose it? Now, that takes skills. Dedication. Perseverance.

This morning I got a phone call from my sister, which lasted quite a long time. With Georgia having the reputation of the most patient person in the world, I was very taken aback by her opening line: ‘She made me reach my limit. I actually lost it with her today’. All at once I was 10% worried about my sister, and 90% impressed by that person that had made her reach her limit. It could have only been one: Her flatmate. Only she could have done it this smoothly. Only she could have shown no mercy.

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Apr 06 2011

No more teacher’s dirty looks

School’s out for summer. School’s out forever. Didn’t you get the memo from Alice Cooper?

This morning I attended for the first time ever a tenant meeting on the ground floor of my building, which briefly made me feel like an adult. But halfway through discussions and arguments regarding electricity bills, taxes and the new rule of always locking the front door behind us, my phone rang. I immediately cancelled the phone call and put it on silent, but as I looked up, everybody was staring at me. One of the women there posed a very good question: ‘Can you imagine what it would be like if we all had our phones ringing during this meeting’? The truth was that I could, and that it would surely make it a bit more interesting. I chose, however, to just nod. ‘I know, I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen again’. She found it in her heart to carry on with what she was saying, but not before she had the last word. ‘The sooner we all focus and get these things done, the sooner we can all go. That’s all I’m saying. So let’s all switch our phones off and make an effort to resolve these issues’. They all looked at me, making it even clearer, in case it wasn’t, that she was referring to me. I nodded once again: ‘It’s off guys, let’s move on, shall we’?

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Apr 02 2011

Coz I Luv You

Here’s a piece of advice for every lover boy/girl out there: If you can’t spell, then better avoid writing love letters. E-mails. Texts. Just focus all your energy on sweet-talking.

This morning I received an e-mail from a guy that likes me. Or at least I think he does, judging from what I managed to make out in his e-mail: ‘I have missed you. And I really want to set you. I know I’m just another guy that wants a peace of you, but I want to think that I come fist, since I’ve known you for the longest’. I read it a few times, until I realised he wasn’t praying for world peace, or peace of me, but rather, a piece of me. I also managed to get what he meant by ‘set’. ‘See’. When I finally got what he was talking about, I could reply accordingly: ‘That’s a very niece thing to say. I am vary flattered’.

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Feb 24 2011


There is the crew behind the stage, the board behind the president, the woman behind the man. And there is also the person behind the one speaking on the phone.

This morning my mom called, asking me to help her with a translation she needed. When we finished it, we started talking about the family and how everyone was doing: ‘Angeliki, I did something stupid… I kinda made a comment publicly on Facebook about someone, and I think I gave something away that I shouldn’t have’, she said, a bit worried. Before I even got the chance to reassure her that it was going to be ok, a voice was heard from somewhere in her background: ‘There are the devil’s tools! That’s what they are’… I paused for a bit, and then asked. ‘Mom, is everything ok? Who’s that’? The voice kept going: ‘Houses have been destroyed… Whole families have been torn apart… All because of that Facebook’… I realised then that the voice belonged to her boyfriend, Giannis. ‘Mom, is Giannis ok’? She turned to shush him, not being able to hear me: ‘Can you be quiet? I’m trying to talk on the phone here’… He couldn’t be. ‘Computers… What did we need them? Internet… Weren’t we fine before it came along’?…

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