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Nov 15 2011

Till the End of the Day

How much time should one spend with another person? How long is too long? When do you run out of things to say? Can you spend 24/7 with someone and still find him/her interesting, funny and exciting?

According to a recent U.S. research, no. According to me, it highly depends on the person you are spending your time with.

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Dec 09 2010

Will you divorce me?

I don’t think people are getting divorced as much and often as they should. It’s really sad…

This morning I woke up from a crazy fight happening in the flat upstairs. Trying to figure out what I should do about it, and whether I should go and check that everyone’s still ok, the decision was made for me, when a frying pan went flying out their window and onto my clothes drying out on the balcony. When I knocked on their door, the woman answered, with hair like Einstein’s, and her husband was still in the background, going crazy and throwing things around. Before I even needed to say anything, she filled me in: ‘I don’t know why I married this loser! I really don’t! He doesn’t pay for anything, he sits around all day, doing nothing’… Her husband interrupted her, screaming from the other room: ‘I’m not doing anything? That’s what you say to our neighbours? How dare you? If it weren’t for me, where would you be now? If it weren’t…’ I didn’t stick around to listen to the rest. I gave her their frying pan and walked down to my flat.

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Dec 08 2010

Thicker and Harder

Ok, I know that sex sells, but people, know your audience! It’s going to increase your sales big time.

This morning I switched on my laptop to write, and checked my emails. The first one, at the top immediately caught my attention for the obvious reasons: ‘Angeliki, with this pill, you can bang her all night long’! I was very pleased to be informed of this, I had only one question: Who? Who am I gonna be banging all night long? Because if it’s Salma Hayek, let’s do it, let’s go for that pill. But what if it’s not? Please tell me what my options are here. I might not want that pill after all.

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Nov 20 2010

Real Life Threesome

Ok so, my friends and I are not having a threesome… But thank you all so much for believing in us, and thinking that this could be the case. We are extremely flattered.

This morning I was as normal, woken up by my phone ringing. It was a friend from Athens: ‘Ok, I just saw those pictures of you, your best friend and her husband on Facebook. You’ve got to be honest with me. Are you guys having a threesome’? Trying to spot that turning point in my life, which marked me as the person talking about threesomes at 8am, I stayed silent for a while, which freaked her out: ‘Oh my God, you are, aren’t you? That’s a long pause there… I don’t believe I wasn’t invited’! ‘Well, it wouldn’t have been a threesome then, would it?’, I said, not believing I actually made a sex joke that early in the morning.

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Sep 04 2010

Dirty minds think alike

Is it me, or does it feel like talking without implying anything sexual is almost impossible? Doesn’t it look like Freudian Slips are more and more common everyday?

Is it me, or are there two languages, the normal everyday one, and the sexual one, and somehow the second one has over the years become so much richer and powerful, that is now our main language? Only sometimes, we borrow words, phrases and concepts from the normal old-fashioned one, when the sexual language is missing something.

The tables have clearly turned.

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