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Aug 28 2011

Trivial Pursuit

Some people can draw. Others can sing. And then there’re those others that can come up with questions even in the most hopeless, obvious and non-requiring-questions situations. Those people will never be left without a job.

Last week, Theo, Georgia and I left Corfu, where we had spent a few days, to come down to Athens. On the bus for three hours at the time, and with six more hours to go, my aunt called to check up on me. “How is everything, have you left Corfu”? “Yes, we are on our way down, we have six hours left, so I should be in Athens around 11pm”. “That’s good, so we’ll talk tomorrow, after you’ve settled in the flat and everything”. I promised her I’d call to check in the next day and hung up.

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Nov 19 2010

Therapy is on my side

I decided today that my favourite people in this world are the psychologists. They are my new best friends, they make my life easy, and before Christmas, I’ll get the therapist directory and send them all a ‘thank you’ card.

When I woke up this morning I looked at my watch and realised I had slept in quite a bit, which very rarely happens, since the phone always starts ringing just after 7am. It was 9.30, and there was not even a missed call on my phone. Feeling a bit worried, but happy I had gotten the rest I needed, I went out for a walk.

I put my headphones on and decided to explore a new side of Florence, I had never been before. After a couple of hours of just walking around, enjoying the sun, and replying ‘ciao’ to every single man passing, I checked my phone to see who was going crazy over me not hearing their calls. But much to my surprise, no one. Everyone had gone completely quiet, and it was already 1pm, which is usually our peak time for crazy, hysterical phone calls.

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Oct 17 2010

Professional Orientation

I will never get how some people decide to make their full-time job things they’re not really that good at. You would think that for a person to pursue a certain career, they have seen they have something to offer that someone else doesn’t in that area, but I came to realise that is not always the case.

This morning I got a call from a friend in Greece who informed me that a common friend of ours is now a chef. The problem with him however has always been not only that he didn’t eat but also that he didn’t enjoy food in the slightest. He was always the skinniest person in our group of friends, always the first to skip a meal, and always the one not knowing how to cook to save his life. If they ever ask me of the most mismatched profession for him, coming to think of it, I’d say ‘chef’.

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