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Aug 12 2011

The Munsters

What I find interesting is that the majority of people are afraid of being alone and feel safe when staying close to their families, but at the same time they become needier and more insecure after spending time with relatives and strong and comfortable when they stay away from them for extended periods of time. So, what exactly is it that makes people feel safe around relatives in the first place? And at what point does this change and we move onto the dangerous side? When do families switch from comforting and warm, to intimidating and spooky?

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May 30 2011

The curious case of Benjamin Button

I’ve got news for you: Even if you ever managed to get that sexy girl on the cover of the magazine, you would still in time turn her into a boring and mother-like figure that looks after you, so better just leave her on that magazine, where she looks better and is definitely having more fun.

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May 02 2011

Behind every annoying man there is an annoying woman

If you really want to make a difference, if you really want to change the world, then you’ve got to think big: How about becoming the first person ever that liked your son’s or brother’s girlfriend? Or, if you want to take it to extremes, how about becoming that first man that stands up for his girlfriend?

This morning I went to the usual Sunday’s outdoor market at Santa Croce, where I met a friend at the strawberries and cream stand. Both having bought our cups with strawberries, we sat on the steps of the church to eat them together. ‘I can’t be bothered with Mario anymore… I’m gonna finish it’, she said and I realised that just like that I had found myself in yet another break-up talk. ‘Why? What happened’? She shrugged and had a couple of strawberries. ‘The usual. What always happens. His family hates me’. I smiled, knowing exactly what she was talking about. ‘Let me guess. The mom and sister? And somehow the dad thinks you’re great’? She nodded. ‘Yep, same old story’… I thought about it for a second and then I decided it was too predictable to even let it surprise me. ‘Aren’t they tired of it? All these years, all these generations, aren’t they sick of sounding exactly the same’? She finished her strawberries. ‘Nope’. I accepted it, seeing she had proof. ‘And what does Mario say’? She tried to stop herself from laughing. ‘Eh… Nothing’?

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Apr 29 2011

Downgrade U

Is it me, or does a person automatically lose status the minute he/she is seen hanging out with losers? 

This morning I checked my e-mails and logged onto facebook to send a couple of messages, when something caught my attention on my home-page: A girl who has been a really good friend for years and who I’ve always thought as very interesting, different and cool, had just uploaded pictures from her latest holiday in Greece. Excited, I opened the album to quickly look through them, and I was immediately left speechless: Most of them taken in a bar, she was sitting every time next to different people, everyone looking like more of a weirdo than the one in the previous picture. After a few sleazy looking guys and a couple of extremely trashy looking girls, I finally came across a photo of just my friend, all by herself. And even though she looked great, something wasn’t quite right. Until it hit me: All the losers that had been sitting beside her in the previous photos had made her look like a bit of an idiot in my eyes. And there was no going back, no matter how much I tried.

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Mar 14 2011

And the world will be as one…

I have to say, it amazes me that we have come up with the most obscure little gadgets to make our everyday lives easier, and at the same time the most complicated ways in order to bring this world closer together, but somehow, we didn’t find it in us to just agree on one type of socket…

Today I became best friends with the guy from the electronic shop down the road. Why? Because when I woke up in the morning, I found myself once again, having to decide between the lamp and the kettle. Between the internet and the phone. Between charging my phone, or plugging in my computer. I had to appliance prioritise, basically, since I had no power strip to plug everything in, and test my multitasking skills. In the end, I dumped them all and went for the TV, but then later I felt a bit guilty, so I decided that perhaps the day had come to go out and get a power strip to make life a bit easier.

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Jan 20 2011

A couple of something is bad enough

‘A couple’ in the food world, doesn’t mean ‘two’.

Today I took a guy friend to the supermarket. It was an ‘I don’t know why but I had it to start it somewhere’ kind of thing, so it started there. We split the sections between us, to get it over and done with faster, and so I gave him a quick note of what I needed him to get for me: ‘A couple of bananas, oranges and apples, and then just a couple of yogurts, chocolates and pasta sauces. I’ll go find the oil I like and meet you here in two’. Now, the same way it wasn’t two minutes for me, I thought it wouldn’t be two bananas for him. But it was. I looked into the trolley and saw two of everything: Two yogurts, two apples, two chocolates, which is inexcusable and I do not forgive, two oranges. I looked at him the way you look at someone with a brain damage: ‘When I say ‘a couple’, I don’t mean ‘two’, you know. I mean, ‘some”. He carried on towards the till, just casually giving me the ‘then say ‘some” answer.

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Jan 10 2011

Temporarily deaf

Today I discovered the great advantages in being temporarily deaf.

After being sick for a while and experiencing really high fever, which of course is to blame for all the things I’m posting here, I’m left with a bit of a hearing problem. Completely deaf from the left ear, and with a right one being quieter than usual, it’s been pretty much me, myself and I, lost in my head. This has made me feel slightly insecure walking on my own, crossing streets, trying to figure out where every noise is coming from, etc, but it has also turned out to be one of the best things that has happened in my life.

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Dec 28 2010

If we do not change direction, we may end up where we are heading.

I’m afraid I can’t reveal anything at the moment. Do I marry the guy or do I kill him, and his whole family while I’m at it? I can’t tell you anything. I guess you’ll have to keep on reading and make sure you don’t miss any posts.

This morning I met up with a couple I know for breakfast. The minute we sat down and ordered, the guy casually asked me how I’ve been, and I said ok, if he didn’t count some minor health problems I had to deal with, this month. He was surprised: ‘Oh no, really? What happened’? His wife got furious: ‘What do you mean what happened? We read it together! She had to go to the doctor’s all those times, don’t you remember’? She looked at me, giving me the ‘he’s an idiot, carry on’ look. I was about to take the conversation somewhere else, when the guy finally remembered: ‘Oh yeah, of course! With that nurse who doesn’t like Greeks’! His wife was hugely relieved. She nodded. He rushed to fix it: ‘Yes, we read it, I’m sorry, I don’t know where my head is. Of course… And the guy at the supermarket who had a problem with the Peloponnese… Yeah, ok, I’m with you. So, what happens with these health problems? Do they carry on and turn into something bigger next season, or do they just disappear’?

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Dec 13 2010

La Tortura

Is it just me, or have we gone out of our way to find ways to torture ourselves? Is it me, or do we really not like ourselves that much?

This morning I went to a friend’s house for breakfast. As she was also getting ready to go to work after our coffee together, I waited in her room, while talking to her as she was putting her makeup on. At some point however, I had to stop talking, in order to stop her from hurting herself. ‘What are you doing? Don’t do that, what is that?’, I said in a panic. She looked at me: ‘It’s an eyelash curler. Why, haven’t you seen one before? Don’t you use one’? I watched her, horrified, as she put that thing in her eyes, curling her eyelashes, like something from ‘Clockwork Orange’. I knew then, she probably had a very difficult upbringing and had learnt to blame herself for everything wrong in this world…  

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Dec 12 2010

The ad man

I discovered today who I hate the most in this world: It’s the person that decides when the ad break during a show or a movie on TV, will come. It’s the person that says, ‘right after this scene, let’s take a 10-minute break for commercials’. That person, I could do horrible things to.

Today I was sick, so I spent the whole day in bed, and finally got the chance to get better acquainted with Italian TV. It started slowly, with a morning show, hosted as usual, by a gorgeous looking woman who covered every topic available on the planet, from cooking recipes, to new music album releases, and astrology. And just as we were getting close to my star sign, Libra, and I was getting near to finding out what the future had in store for me, right after Virgo, she said it: ‘We’ll take a 10-minute ad break, and be right back with today’s predictions for Libra’.

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